• Testimonials

  • This place saved my life. Dr. Park is awesome. As a student, I have so much stress from studies and I would experience frequent headaches, neck pain, insomnia, depression and other sorts of illnesses. Since I am young, I thought I could just take some OTC medicine and that my conditions would get better. How I was wrong. My conditions were getting worse. I found this clinic online and took my chance to see if my conditions would get better. I'm glad I took the chance. After the initial visit, I felt much better, but I was skeptical and was wondering if it was a placebo effect. However, since I felt better, I visited several more times, and I literally feel much better with great improvements that weren't just in my head. I don't experience headaches like I used to, I am able to get well rested sleep, I have greater energy. I just feel great in my body and mind. I'm not taking OTC medicines anymore. Once again a shout out to Dr Park!

    Zack T.

  • Dr. Sung is very caring and wise. She works with patience and really wants to make you better. I highly recommend her for acupuncture treatments.

    Marsha L.

  • Omg i am now into 3 weeks of care and after 7 months of pain i am now getting relief. Mentally physically spiritually and emotionally I am so much better from the day that I walked in there I have tried other acupuncturists and have not found any relief like I have from dr. Park if you are in pain in any way shape or form please come in try her she takes Insurance she's kind patient and very caring in my opinion she is a Healer a wonderful lady do yourself a favor and try her you won't be let down thank you.

    Alicia F.

  • I would definitely recommend getting acupuncture and herbal medicine from Dr. Sung Ah Park!
    I am a soon to be licensed acupuncturist in Northern California and I was visiting my parents who live nearby. I got a sore throat and called around and she was willing to take me as a new patient right away!
    She is very thorough and knowledgeable and her treatment was awesome. She also made me a very easy to take herbal formula.
    Don't even hesitate to book an appointment with her.

    Aimee R.

  • I opted out of conventional treatment 7 years ago (radiation/chemo) for stage 4 prostate cancer. Instead, I did the alternative treatment plus acupuncture with Dr Park . I also took regularly the herbal tea she prepared for my condition. She helped me beat the cancer with her treatment . I still see her for maintenance and I never fail to take her herbal tea for balance, bladder integrity, sleep and energy.

    Allen T.

  • I was experiencing bad headache, and also pain in my back for many years. I was taking meds to get through the day. Unfortunately, the effects of the meds were waning and didn't feel like I was getting better. In fact, I was getting worse. I was tired of taking different set of pills every day. I needed help. I searched online through google of acupuncture near my area, and found Fullerton Acupuncture and Herb. So, I made an appointment and visited Dr. Park. What can I say! She is the most kind hearted person that I have ever met. She is down to earth and very approachable. The other doctors I've visited were ok, but I wasn't comfortable with them. I told Dr. Park of the headache and my back issues. She was able to diagnose more clearly what my problems were and I received treatments right away. The insertion of acupuncture in my body did not hurt at all. The herbal tea that she gave was also wonderful. After the 1st visit I felt better both physically and psychologically. I steadily visited Dr. Park and noticed to see improvements every time. But, the best part is, after visiting her for months, even though I still take advil, I stopped taking prescribed medications!
    I haven't felt this good in years. I am able to do things that I couldn't when I was in pain.
    I could go on and on, but simply put, to anyone reading this comment, if you are suffering from any illnesses as I was, you must visit Dr. Park. You will not regret it.

    D. L.