• What Happens During a Treatment Session?

    An initial acupuncture session will include a thorough medical history intake and physical examination to determine the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnoses. Next, the acupuncture needles will be inserted into specific acupuncture points. Follow-up acupuncture sessions include a brief medical history intake followed by needle insertion.
    Patients are typically lying down on a comfortable exam bed with the needles for approximately 45 minutes per session. Patients are recommended to wear loose or comfortable clothing so that acupuncture points can easily be accessed by the acupuncturist.

    How Often Do Patients Typically Follow up for Acupuncture Treatments?

    Typically, treatments are once or twice a week for 8-12 sessions, representing one course. Commonly, patients will report improvements after just a few treatments, but the relief may not be lasting. Therefore, patients are encouraged to finish the initial course of treatments.
    For more complex, long-standing conditions, a longer duration of treatment may be recommended. For acute problems or general wellness, fewer visits are typically required. After finishing the initial course, we will discuss further acupuncture treatments and the frequency of the treatment based on your individual needs.

    Is There Anything I Should – or Shouldn’t – Do on the Day of a Treatment?
    To get the most out of the treatment, please review these guidelines:
    • Avoid being hungry during a treatment, but also do not overeat immediately before or after your treatment. Small snacks or meals prior to or after treatment are fine.
    • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that can easily roll up to the elbows and above the knees.
    • Avoid over-exertion of all kinds prior to and after treatment. Moderate exercise is okay.
    • Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages 6 hours before or after treatment
    • If possible, plan your activities so that you can rest after the treatment. Or, at least not have to work too hard! This can be helpful to extend the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of the treatment.

    Is Acupuncture Safe for Children?
    Yes! Many children today suffer from chronic inflammatory conditions and sometimes Western medicine isn't enough! 
    That's why parents are turning to acupuncture because it offers a safe, natural and effective approach to pediatric care. It focuses on treating symptoms leading to a safe resolution of illness and preventing illness in the future by stimulating healing and restoring the body's own resilience.  Modern acupuncture treatments are done using painless acupuncture and non-needle treatment techniques, so even children afraid of needles will find the treatments easy and painless.
    In Oriental medicine we believe that each child is unique and we customize each treatment plan to the child's individual needs. Sometimes generic western treatments may not be able to adequately address the challenges faced by a child and parents may be told they'll just “grow out of it.” No parent wants to accept such a fatalistic view when their child is suffering!
    Parents may also be concerned about turning to powerful Western drugs which may have unwanted side effects, instead turning to other approaches such as acupuncture because it is less invasive and has no unwanted side effects.